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The Ultimate Guide to Poll Pay

This is the ultimate guide to our own app Poll Pay where you can take paid surveys to make extra money! Complete surveys that fit to your personal interests and receive rewards via PayPal or gift cards – in the app or web version on your laptop. Making money has never been easier than with this simple app! 

Table of Contents


Signing up to the app

Download Poll Pay

Poll Pay is currently available on Apple´s AppStore, the Google Play Store and you can also use it via the web application. Soon, you will find us in the Huawei and Samsung store as well! 

Signing up

Say goodbye to long and boring account creation processes: just use an account that already exists! There are different ways available to sign up and create your Poll Pay account. Choose between Apple Login, a Facebook account, a Google account, or your Twitter login. Either of this information can be used to create an account connected to the respective email address.

You can also start by entering an invite code from one of your friends which will benefit you both with extra rewards or signup bonuses. 

Getting set up

In the beginning, we will ask for some personal information to create your account. The first questions you see are our qualification questions. We aim to offer you the best possible surveys, so we need some information about you. Questions about your employment status, where you live and if you’re married or not will help us with providing you relevant surveys that you will have an easier time finishing. 

Don’t worry, we take data protection and privacy laws very seriously! Your data will be handled with the utmost discretion.

You can always fill out more qualification questions later to receive more surveys and help us learn about your preferences. It is important to answer these absolutely truthfully! Some questions will appear twice or will be shown at the beginning of a survey. If you answer inconsistently, you will be disqualified from a survey! 

Taking surveys 

Now that you have successfully set up your profile, you can start taking surveys! Here are a few tips on  how our surveys work and which ones to choose: 

  • Star rating: Our star rating might be the most important indicator when choosing your first surveys. Five stars mean the survey is reliable and easy to complete. Start with these! 
  • Category: Choose categories in which you are interested (e.g. shopping, cars) so our system learns which surveys to show you more of. 
  • Duration: Every survey has an estimated time length. Got 5 minutes when waiting for the bus? Take a short survey! Half an hour at the airport? Choose a longer one. Usually, longer surveys pay more money.

Take advantage of bonus offers

Apart from “just” taking surveys, there are more options for you to make money through Poll Pay. We offer friend invite bonuses, regular raffles and other contests!

Invite your friends 

Every user has a unique invite code that you can use to invite your friends to the app. First, you share your code. Second, your friend downloads Poll Pay and signs up to the app with your invite code. Finally, your friend receives a €0.23 starting bonus and you will get 15% of their survey rewards as a bonus for lifetime! 

We regularly start events where the friend invite bonus increases from 15% to 25%, so you get a quarter of what your friend earns as a bonus! Start building your own Poll Pay community and generate passive income with Poll Pay friends. 


Another way to earn extra money is by participating in our gift card raffles! Our newsletter and the app´s push notifications will remind you when a new contest starts. All you have to do is fulfill the participation requirements, for example completing 5 surveys in one month, and you will automatically enter the draft for a gift card!

Subscribe to our newsletter

Never miss a special event again! Our newsletter is sent out every two weeks and contains the most recent information regarding the app, new updates, and latest events – you´ll also find our most recent blog articles linked in the newsletter! Subscribe now in your preferred language:

Get your money

For every survey you finish, you will receive a small amount of money which quickly accumulates in your payout balance. Please understand that sometimes your survey rewards might not always get transferred right away. On rare occasions, it might take a few hours up to a day before you see every reward in your balance. Don´t worry, you will receive your money! 

Once you have completed multiple surveys, you become eligible for your first payout. Each type of payout has different thresholds, depending on how much money you have earned so far. We offer transfer to PayPal and many gift card options, which partly depend on the location where you are using Poll Pay. A few of them are Amazon, Zalando, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or Starbucks. 

On some occasions, we are able to offer you a discount on our gift cards. This means you can receive a $30 gift card while only paying $28.50 of your rewards when a 5% discount is in action. Take advantage of these offers to receive more money for less work! 

In general, PayPal transfers happen immediately, so you should see your reward right away. Gift cards on the other hand can take a bit longer. Don´t worry about this because your money is on its way! Please note that not all payouts cannot happen immediately. Sometimes you must allow a few days for your reward to be transferred or your gift card to arrive.

Also, make sure to always put correct email addresses and other contact information! Check if you spelled everything correctly and also look in your spam inbox if you are missing information. 

Problems with the app?

We are continuously working on improving Poll Pay to show you the best surveys, make recommendations more accurate and our app faster. However, you might find yourself in a position where you do not understand why you cannot take a survey or why a certain problem with your account occurs. Below, we have listed some problems you might get confronted with when using Poll Pay and what to do to fix them. 


Every survey has a number of qualifications. Sometimes, these are very specific (e.g. only females aged 20-25 with brown hair), others offer a much wider spectrum (e.g. people aged 18-59 living in the USA). A few questions at the beginning of a survey usually determine where you fit this qualification. If you do not fit, you will be screened out right at the beginning. We compensate you with a reward of $0.01 for this. 

We aim to only show you surveys you will qualify for, but sometimes we cannot include every qualification question. Thus, please answer honestly every time, choose 5-star rated surveys, and do not get frustrated if you are screened out. It s not your fault and the next survey will be a fit for sure! 


Getting disqualified is similar to receiving a screenout, only it usually is due to a small inconsistency in a user´s answers. A disqualification happens, if you respond incongruently to a question that we or a survey provider ask you. For example, you will state your birthday when signing up to the app, so our system knows how old you are at any point. Now, if you are 20 years old but at the beginning of a survey you answer that you are 25, you will receive a disqualification. 

Again, it is incredibly important to always answer truthfully so this does not happen. 

Getting banned

Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused and you might get disqualified occasionally. This is usually not a big deal, just a reminder to be more attentive in the future. If this happens too often, you might get banned for a set amount of time. While at first it might just be a 1h ban, repeated offenders might eventually be permanently banned. Just remember to stay on your toes when answering surveys and provide truthful answers! 

Thank you so much for using Poll Pay! We hope this article has given you some insights on how our app works so you know how to succeed as a paid survey taker! Let us know in the comments if there are any other features you would like to get deeper insights into. For now, have fun taking surveys! 


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