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The Best Ways to Make Money Online

There are endless options to work from home by making money online. Here, we present to you the best ways to make money online. These categories will show you how you can monetize your time and knowledge best! Maybe taking surveys online is the perfect hobby for you? You can also start selling your own products or even get paid for watching videos or playing games! 

1. Taking Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are definitely our favorite way to make extra money online! Some great advantages are that you only need your phone or laptop and a stable internet connection to begin with; plus it takes very little time to sign up and you can start earning money right away!

There are many different apps and websites available where you can start taking paid surveys right away. For example, we recommend Poll Pay, Swagbucks, or Pinecone Research. Firstly, you will give some personal information and/or answer qualification questions so the app or site can find the perfect surveys fitting to your personal interests. Then you can start answering questions and making money. Payouts are usually granted through PayPal or gift cards, for example from

Paid surveys are great if you do not have a lot of prior knowledge when it comes to making money online. It is a very simple concept where you can start making money fastly and easily. Most times, the individual surveys will not pay that much money on their own but accumulated over time you can receive a significant payout! 

2. Selling your own products

Do you already have a product you would like to monetize? Then selling something of yours can be the perfect way for you to make money. The great thing is: you can pretty much sell anything. If you are into creating products yourself, for example crafting potery, sell your creations! If you like to write short stories but no one is reading your blog, sell them to others! Or maybe you just sorted out your closet and wish to get rid of some old clothes. Here we present to you a few of the best sites to start selling: 

  • Etsy: perfect to sell your vintage and hand-made niche items to others who will cherish them
  • Redbubble: selling your individual art and handmade designs all around the world
  • Poshmark: great to sell all types of used clothing, beauty, and home decor
  • eBay: the best platform to sell everything and anything from an old vase to your used car
  • FOAP: sell photos from your phone or camera as a stock photo, even to big companies

These ways to make money online are very flexible so you can pause selling things when you do not have enough spare time or upload 50 products in one day; whatever fits best to you. 

3. Monetizing your own content

This is a great option to make money for everyone who is active on social media or any other type of content creation. Writing a blog, being an Instagram influencer, operating a YouTube channel, or starting your own podcast: almost every type of content creation can be monetized online. 

One simple way is to get in touch with people who would like to advertise via your channels. A great strategy here is Native Advertising, which means you will only show ads that are relevant to your followers, for example ones directly related to your content or showing similar products as yours. 

An important factor of monetizing personal content such as your lifestyle is creating a community with your followers. The more you get in touch with the people consuming your content, listen to feedback, and stay continuously active on social media, the closer and more valuable your community will become. 

4. Get paid for watching videos or playing games

Another way to make money online (with your phone) is by watching videos. You are probably already watching videos on YouTube, shows on Netflix, or movies on cinema regularly, so making some extra money through video watching should be easy. The types of videos you will watch include short ads, trailers or news videos. Some sites which pay you for watching videos are Slicethepie, Swagbucks, InboxPounds, or PrizeRebel.

Are you into video games? From GTA to Pokémon, there are many ways to earn extra money by playing online games. These are some sites offering money for gamers: Mistplay, Gamehag, or Lucktastic (available on Android and iOS). 

5. Teaching others

Do you have a unique skill you can teach other people? From playing an interesting instrument to speaking a foreign language, almost any knowledge or ability can be taught to others. And there any several platforms available on the internet for you to become a professional tutor, upload teaching videos, or start your own course!

Especially YouTube is your best friend in this field. The platform reaches millions of people in seconds and you do not have to pay for anything. Furthermore, many learners who struggle with a certain skill will turn to YouTube first to find a simple and quick solution or an instruction video. 

Other platforms like Udemy allow you to create your own courses in a mere professional environment. However, you do need to be professional enough yourself in order to succeed on a more elevated site. 

After all, there are endless branches you can get into to teach others: 

  • Languages
  • Instruments
  • Sports (courses) 
  • Cooking 
  • Handcrafting
  • …and so much more

6. Start as a freelancer

Working as a freelancer is an option to monetize one of your skills whilst working independently from a company or place. Many different websites exist where you can sign up and find people who wish to pay you for your service. This might include graphic design, transcribing audio files, or ghostwriting – so basically you can monetize any skill. At the same time, freelancing often requires you to show some experience and knowöedge in your field, so people will actually buy your service. 

For some, freelancing serves as their main source of income, but these people have invested a lot of time and energy into building their business and are many times real experts in their field. When beginning to make money through freelancing, you will probably need some more time to gain enough experience and finesse your skills before making money. 

All in all, there are endless options to make money online from the comfort of your home using only your phone. Our tips are just a few examples of how to effectively monetize your time and energy while working as comfortably as possible. What do you think about our ways to make money and do you already use any of these? Tell us below!



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