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How Much Money Can You Make With Poll Pay?

Making money by taking paid surveys was never easier than by using our app Poll Pay. Here, we show you exactly how much money you can make with Poll Pay when using the app for a short period of time every day. How long does the average survey take and how much does it pay? Find out below!

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Average survey duration

Poll Pay offers thousands of new surveys every day for different categories and interests, so you will always find a survey that speaks to your personal interests. Surveys vary in their duration, meaning the time it takes to complete the poll. Some only take a couple of minutes, others may require half an hour or more. 

The average Poll Pay survey takes 12 minutes to complete. But how long is that actually? 

  • At an average pace of 5km/h or 3-4mph, a person walks 1km or 0.62 miles in 12 minutes. You can easily complete a survey while doing something for your physical health!
  • On average, Instagram users spend 28 minutes per day in the app. A survey is less than half of this time, so use your screen time wisely!
  • Penne pasta needs about 12 minutes to cook. It is the perfect amount of time to receive some rewards while preparing dinner!

Average survey pay

Our surveys pay between a few cents and more than two dollars, depending on their duration and difficulty. Average survey pay varies a bit between countries because we receive our surveys from different partners depending on the country we operate in. Have a look at our average survey pay in some of Poll Pay´s most popular countries:

  • USA: $2.51
  • New Zealand $1.91
  • Switzerland $1.78
  • Australia $1.77
  • Singapore $1.53
  • Great Britain $1.46
  • Norway $1.36 
  • Denmark $1.31
  • Belgium $1.17 
  • Sweden $1.11
  • Germany $1.09
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Consistency is key

Now, you might think these numbers are pretty low, and paid surveys might not at all be worth the hassle. Actually, coming back consistently is a key factor in accumulating rewards and collecting cash through Poll Pay. 

For example, simply take one 10-minute survey a day which pays you $1. This will lead to rewards of $7 every week, $30 every month, and $365 a year, simply by taking one survey while riding the bus or train, walking around, or waiting for someone. It really is that easy! Plus, those $365 will come in handy for you. 

Save for something special

  • Is there something you are saving money for right now? Grow your savings by taking surveys, accumulating rewards, and keeping the money in your account until you have enough to buy your object of desire!
  • For example, you may treat yourself to a new bicycle for just $100, meaning 3 to 4 months of daily surveys. 

Donate money

  • Have you always wanted to donate some money to people in need but you´ve never had the necessary amount of extra cash? Simply invest a bit of your time to receive Poll Pay money and donate!
  • Do you use PayPal regularly? We offer direct payouts to your PayPal account. When using this money to pay on a website, you may find a little checkbox offering to donate $1 to a foundation supported by PayPal. You can very simply do a good deed and invest your time to help others this way. 

Treat yourself

  • The average gym membership in the USA (across 16 popular US gym chains) varies from $31 to $44 per month, depending on whether the gym is a low-end or high-end one. Thus, one Poll Pay survey daily may pay for your annual gym membership!
  • Do you like watching movies? According to, the average price for a movie ticket in the US is about $9. This means your $365 reward will take you to the movies forty times!
  • One of our favorite foods is the döner kebap which costs about 5€ in Germany, so $5-6. Take one survey daily and treat yourself to a delicious meal 73 times! Prefer a hamburger? At the average NYC price for a burger ($9.50), you can have 38 of them! 

Remember our most important point: Even when a reward looks small at first, taking surveys continuously and collecting your rewards will lead to big payouts. Keep using Poll Pay to pay for your daily needs or reward yourself with something special!

We are excited to read how many surveys you take in Poll Pay on average. Do you use the app regularly or will you begin to?



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