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Pros and Cons of Taking Online Surveys

There are many perks to taking surveys online, but you should also keep in mind a few important factors before diving in too enthusiastically. We created a list of pros and cons of taking paid surveys, so you can find out if this side hustle is the right hobby for you!

On the one hand you are able to work from home and get paid on your own terms, but on the other hand you need to stay consistent and payouts might not be as high as you would wish for them to be. Have a look at the advantages and disadvantages regarding online surveys below. 


  1. Being able to work anywhere you want
  2. Get paid on your own terms
  3. No prior knowledge is needed 
  4. Share your opinion 


  1. You need to stay consistent
  2. You may be disqualified
  3. Online surveys won´t make you rich
  4. Even more screen time

Pros of Online Surveys

1. Being able to work from anywhere

There are many different apps offering online surveys such as Poll Pay, Survey Junkie, LifePoints or Swagbucks. After downloading, you are instantly ready to go! Surveys will be right there on your phone, available 24/7 and wherever you are. When working from home, you autmatically save a lot of money and time.

You can answer surveys anywhere and anytime: from home, when on the bus or when waiting in line at the store. Working on your own terms has never been easier, when everything you need is simply a smartphone or a laptop and an internet connection! Taking online surveys might offer you the ultimate remote working spaces. 

2. Get paid on your own terms

Survey apps usually offer payouts through gift cards or direct PayPal transactions. After reaching a certain amount of money (most thresholds are between $5 – $10), you can request a payout and receive your money immediately. This means no more waiting until the end of the month and endless scrolling through your bank account. Instead, you could receive constant payouts based on your earnings anytime!

Most Surveys only take a few minutes to complete so your next payout is only a short amount of time away! 

3. No Prior Knowledge is needed

Online surveys do not require you to have any kind of prior knowledge. You will be asked about topics relevant to you and your interests or you can directly choose which surveys to take. Most times, you will complete a few demographic questions at the beginning when starting with a new app or website. Based on your information, they will show you the most relevant topics. 

Anything you need to be successful in the business of doing paid surveys online is a phone or laptop with an internet connection and amazing surveys will come flying to you!

4. Share your opinion

Your opinion could have a real impact! Many well known companies use online surveys before introducing new products or services, so you can actively help in advancing their offers. Have you ever felt like a product you are using needs an important makeover? Your next survey might be asking you exactly this question. Share your opinion with the world – they are going to listen!

Cons of Online Surveys

1. You need to stay consistent

There are endless surveys spread over different platforms out there, ready for you to take. Being your own boss also means being able to motivate yourself and stay consistent. There are no deadlines or to-do lists from your boss to fulfill, because you need to set them yourself!

While keeping in mind that taking two surveys every other week will probably not get you where you want to be, also keep in mind your personal health and do not overwork yourself. It is important to find a healthy balance and stay focused on your own goals! 

2. You may be disqualified

Some surveys are looking for a special target group (e.g. only 22 year-olds who use a certain shampoo). Thus, you may be disqualified from some surveys or you are unable to take them because you cannot fill their criteria. Do not let this get you down! Disqualifications do happen sometimes and can be very annoying but they are not the norm when taking paid surveys. 

Most times, based on your demographic data as well as some screening questions when downloading a survey app, you will be shown survey topics that fit your personal background and your interests.

3. Online surveys won´t make you rich

Realistically speaking, paid surveys will not replace your day job. It can be great as a small side hustle or a source of income for students, but taking surveys will probably not cover all living expenses. 

You will also not have a fixed income. Since your payout quantity and frequency depend solely on the number of surveys you take, it will probably vary every week. You must fit your working schedule to your (social) life – and do not let your income depend on taking surveys alone. 

4. Even more screen time

Making money on your phone seems like the most comfortable thing in the world but it can also be extremely distracting. Looking at a screen all day and focusing on mobile devices instead of spending time with real people can have serious consequences on physical and mental health. 

You must always take breaks when doing multiple surveys. Try not to get distracted by your phone´s notifications and set goals to spend time with friends and family!

Is It Worth It?

It absolutely can be! Paid surveys are a fun way to spend your free time and earn some extra money. Without any prior resources or special knowledge, you are able to take countless surveys on different sites and apps.

However, always check which sites are legitimate! There are a lot of sketchy websites or apps available which are just trying to fetch and steal your information. It is also important to keep an overview of the money you make and the time you spend on these platforms – doing surveys is not your only occupation. 


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