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The Best Play-to-Earn Games for Crypto and NFTs

The Best Play-to-Earn Games for Crypto and NFTs

Play-to-earn games have risen in popularity lately because they allow you to earn cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. By plaing the game, users receive a reward which truly creates value and rewards their time spent with the game. In this article, we present to you the best play-to-earn apps and games to receive crypto by simply playing games! 

What are play-to-earn games?

Play-to-earn games are inspired by cryptocurrencies and their decentralized community. Most times, the initial game is free, but there is the option to buy, sell and trade extra items in the game later on. This way, players can even make money and have the option to earn NFTs, so real property. 

NFTs are non-fungible tokens. These tokens ensure ownership of a digital asset and hold it´s value. For example, a digital painting can be an NFT, meaning the person who owns the NFT = the painting, holds all rights and ownership on it. NFTs cannot be duplicated or faked, since they are absolutely unique and their infomation is stored digitally and securely. They are stored on the blockchain, the same technology that holds cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. 

Now, if you play a game and a character there is an NFT, that character actually belongs to you and can be traded just like physical items or money. By selling in-game NFTs on a games´ blockchain cryptocurrency, you can gain real-life rewards! 

Most importantly: don´t forget about the fun factor! Letting you earn crypto and NFTs is just the cherry on the cake, but of course these games are a lot of fun to play, too! 

1. Earn crypto by taking surveys in CryptoBull

CryptoBull is a brand-new app, similar to paid survey providers, available as a mobile app and a web version. However, instead of “just” money, you receive rewards which can directly be transferred to cryptocurrencies! 

  1. Download the app or visit the web version 
  2. Sign up and start taking surveys – simple and free!
  3. Collect rewards in the app 
  4. Transfer your account balance to a cryptocurrency of your choice

Receiving crypto has never been easier than with this simple app. It is completely free and gives fair rewards for answering surveys. This is perfect for beginners who wish to invest into crypto but don´t want to take any risks. CryptoBull is the first of its kind to earn crypto this easily! 

2. Play the strategy game Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a tactical strategy game. Each player owns at least three small creatures called Axies. They each have unique powers and can be combined to develop strengths and battle each other. Each of these Axies is stored in the player´s wallet as an NFT, so they can exchange them with others on the Ethereum network. 

This is one of the most popular NFT-related games. Players do not only virtually possess certain items, but really own them. This makes Axie Infinity and other play-to-earn games substantially different from “normal” virtual games. Axie Infinity is perfect for players looking for a combination of a strategy, battle and exploring game!

3. Perfect for soccer fans: Sorare

Have you ever wanted to feel like the manager of a soccer club? Sorare has digitalized exchanging player cards and betting on soccer players´real performance. You can collect your favorite players from more than 200 international soccer clubs that have started official cooperations wih Sorare and judge their performance during real gameweeks.

After all, the most successful players can receive weekly rewards such as player cards that work as NFTs or monetary rewards that are paid through the cryptocurrency Ether. We think this play-to-earn game is especially fun for soccer fans who loved trading player cards before and are ready to make some crypto money off of it now!

4. Coming up soon: Illuivium

Illuvium might be the most talked-about upcoming NFT game there is! “Fight for ETH” in this role-play adventure game by exploring a vast 3D world and hunting Illuvials. These creatures hold individual powers and strengths. They are used to build your team and strategically challenge your opponents in order to win crypto. 

Any in-game items can be collected as NFTs and used for battling or trading. Players win crypto, concretely ether (ETH) by battling others with their team of Illuvials. Illuvium is aiming to become the first blockchain-based AAA video game, increasing its popularity even before release! The game is supposed to launch soon in 2022. 

5. Play different games with Womplay

Womplay is a gaming and rewards platform by Wombat, were you can try many different play-to-earn games. By completing special quests, you can earn game-themed NFTs! Use these in other missions to earn crypto and complete more quests. 

This gaming platform offers a wide selection of games and very different ways to earn crypto, NFTs and other rewards. You must have or create an EOS account to connect your wallet and transfer rewards. Take part in the weekly cash-out-events to receive your rewards as crypto or invest into gaming art and NFTs! 

Womplay is a great platform for users who love gaming and are looking forward to try different options as well as spend their crypto rewards on other game-related items. 

6. Create a whole world with The Sandbox

The Sandbox works as a virtual metaverse where you can invest crypto, play, earn and monetize virtual assets and experience. Through NFTs, its users have real ownership of in-game assets. Players can build their own land in the game and create a metaverse of their own. Because of this ability to be creative, the Sandbox has been compared to Minecraft before. 

As a play-to-earn crypto game, the Sandbox has become popular with its mobile apps in the past and is thus perfect for players who are looking for a mobile solution. Furthermore, the in-game curreny SAND holds a market capitalization of over $2.5 Billion, ranking very highly for an in-game coin. 

With this article we have tapped into a very new topic and increasingly popular world: gaming, crypto and NFTs. What do you think about this article so far and would you like to read more about crypto trends? Let us know in the comments below!


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