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How to do Christmas on a Budget

How to do Christmas on a Budget

Did you spend all your money on Black Friday and Cyber Weekend deals and now there is not much left to take care of your loved ones´ Christmas presents? Don´t worry, we´ve got you covered! Below you find several ideas on how to make the most of your Christmas budget and will charm your gift recipients. Try Secret Santa, splitting cooking workload and creating decorations from scratch!

Suggesting Secret Santa for your group

Secret Santa is a very fun – and easy! – way to save on gift spendings on Christmas. The concept is as follows: in a group of people, like your family or friends, everyone writes down their name, all names are put in a bowl and everyone draws one name. They then get a present for this person (and only this person). Look out: noone should have drawn their own name (because getting a present for yourself is not the goal of this game).

The group usually sets a price range or limit for their gifts and gets a present for the name they´ve drawn. Finally, on Christmas Day (or whenever presents will be exchanged) everyone gives out their gift and all Secret Santas are revealed!

This game will save you a lot of money, since you only need to get one present at a set price. A great anchor to start with can be $50 to watch your budget. Secret Santa is very fun for families, friend groups or whomever you will be celebrating with this year!

If your group is separated at the moment and you cannot find a date to meet and draw names, there are a few online options to organize Secret Santa as well! Try DrawNames to assign everyone virtually.

Let your guests help you

This idea is very helpful if you are the place of gathering for Christmas celebrations. Usually, your guests will bring something to the gathering, right? Whether it is a bottle of wine, some chocolates or flowers – guest gifts are a very common practice. 

Now, some of your guests might have offered to bring some food or preparations as well. For example, the person who organizes the gathering will prepare the main dish, while guests bring starters and dessert. This is exactly what we recommend! Splitting the workload of preparing the menu will not only save you tons of time, but money as well! 

Simply ask your guests if they would be interested in bringing part of the food or if everyone prepares a bit at home and you all cook together! There are various options to organize Christmas dinner by splitting the workload. Take advantage of your guests´ willingness to help in order to reduce costs and stay on your Christmas budget.  

Use natural and free decorations

The best Christmas decorations are free! Our next idea on how to do Christmas on a budget is all about natural resources. We have found the most creative and beautiful Christmas decoration items to be right in front of you – or right outside your door.

Pinecones, moss, nuts and plants can all be found in your garden or a nearby forest. Use these items to create beautiful Christmas decorations which are completely free, natural and harmless. Believe us, once you´ve had a selfmade Advent wreath, you will never buy one again!

Using natural resources will not only kickstart your creativity, but also lead to beautiful and environment-friendly decorations for your home. 

Take advantage of the last deals of the year

Black Friday is just over but there are still great deals you can take advantage of to save on your Christmas budget. It does make sense to plan ahead and buy presents on BF since there are many great offers available throughout all branches. 

However, not all (Secret) Santas plan ahead one month before Christmas Eve, so some might rely on last-minute offers and deals to get their presents. Don´t worry, Black Friday is just the beginning of Christmas season and many shops will offer discounts and present deals for an extended period of time. 

Think about which types of presents you want to buy (for example a book) and keep your eyes open for discounts and special offers (e.g. at local bookstores). Especially online stores usually provide huge sales and special discounts leading up to Christmas.

Additionally, you can make use of gift cards and points you´ve earned throughout the year to go Christmas shopping “for free”!

Use Poll Pay to boost your budget

Last but not least: Use Poll Pay and take paid surveys to make oney and extend your Christmas budget! Especially in the last months of the year, leading up to Christmas, Poll Pay surveys pay even more than they do during the year. We want to reward our users and give back – by boosting rewards to help you grow your Christmas budget! 

Furthermore, surveys have turned out to be more stable and reliable at the end of the year. Since we´ve had a lot of time to implement new updates and present to you the best app version possible, we always aim to increase Poll Pay´s features looking forward to Christmas. 

After all, what did you think about our ideas on how to do Christmas on a budget? Secret Santa, splitting the menu and decorating with natural resources: Which of these will you make use of this year to save money while having a magical celebration? We wish you a merry Christmas time! 

And P.S.: download Poll Pay to participate in our amazing Waiting for Christmas special event this year!


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