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9 Benefits of Working from Home

Being able to work from the comfort of your own home has never been easier as it is right now. Due to the Covid pandemic and a rise in “home office” jobs, many workers use their home desk instead of visiting an office every day. We will present to you 9 benefits of working from home, ranging from time to money to personal improvements. 

1. Better time management

Think about your regular morning routine. How much time are you losing in traffic when going to work? How long does it take to put on uncomfortable office clothes and packing your bag without forgetting anything important? All of this time can be saved when you just need to get up and sit down at your desk at home!

Especially time you would spend traveling to work will be saved and definitely increase your quality of life! Instead of being exposed to traffic stress every morning and evening, moving from your desk to the living room and instantly being with your family is much more comfortable!

Also, do you really need five coffee breaks to have a chat with a colleague every single day? Time wasted on breaks taken out of boredom will be saved and turned into productivity or earlier end of work.  

2. Spending less money

Working at an office can be connected to different types of extra costs, like for example eating out for lunch or costs on traveling to work. This money can easily be saved!

  • Instead of eating out for lunch, cook at home. 
  • Instead of buying coffee at an overpriced café, make it yourself. 
  • Instead of paying for gas or public transportation, save that money and live more sustainably. 

Many employers have come to favor their workers staying home because saving money on office space can be a huge advantage for them as well!

3. Not only working from home, but anywhere

A huge number of jobs today simply require you to have a laptop and most work can be done from there. This means, you can simply take it with you to any place you want to work at: your favorite café, at the park, or even on holiday right before relaxing at the beach!

Being independent of location is one of the biggest benefits and at the same time one of the most crucial factors of working in a modern job.

The only thing you must take care of is a stable wifi connection. Accessing the internet is probably inevitable so choose your work spots wisely or your location might become a disadvantage!

4. Improving your work-life balance

Maybe you live together with your parents, a partner, with some friends, or already have kids. Or maybe you like being on your own and independent from others. Whatever you prefer, a huge benefit of working from home will improve your work-life balance.

  • spending more time with loved ones
  • finally taking care of household chores
  • avoiding burnout risk factors
  • balance work and family responsibilities

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5. Being less stressed and much healthier

Working from home can have a different influence on your stress level. For some, it is more stressful to find the time to work at home or to make space for desks. Balancing life at home with work under the same roof is an important skill many people need to learn before or during working from home.  

On the other hand, the benefits we mentioned in the beginning can lead to significant stress reduction, like for example less time spent on traveling to work. Another point is the connection to family members or other people you live with. Spending time with the people you like functions as a  stress reducer and can improve your mood every day.

Especially daily commuting has significant negative effects on your health, for example, an increase in depression and anxiety rates and higher cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Thus, many physical and mental health problems with serious side effects are caused by long commuting times and increased stress levels. 

6. More sustainable environmental impact

Less driving to the office every day equals fewer fuels produced. Taking your bike when running errands in the afternoon to get some exercise equals fewer fuels produced. Cooking from home instead of eating from a take-out bag equals less plastic waste. 

Working from home instead of in the office has a significant impact on different levels of your environmental impact. Especially when balancing your stay-at-home laziness with some afternoon sports activities, not only your body but your sustainability compass will be very happy! 

Taking cars off the road, using less plastic and paper, and generally taking up less space in crowded cities are just a few of the reasons why avoiding the office will make your environmental footprint much cleaner. 

7. A customizable environment

Another huge benefit of working from home is the ability to completely customize your working space. Depending on how much room you have to spare at home, you may design a whole office or simply a beautiful niche to work from. 

The comfortability of your home will be connected to productive work and organized, clean space for any materials and tools. Sometimes you might need some new equipment to work efficiently, for example a printer, but surely your employer will be happy to help you financially to set up your ideal home office. 

8. Increased productivity

Some workers may not believe it yet but even employers have gotten to realize that working from home can lead to just as productive and efficient results as staying in the office all day.

The FlexJobs survey about productivity and work-life balances during the pandemic found some interesting results about this topic. 51% of participants said they were more productive when working from home during the pandemic. The most popular reasons are fewer interruptions, increased focused time, and a more quiet work environment. Although some workers miss going to the office,  65% of respondents want to become full-time remote employees after the pandemic. 

9. Much more flexibility

Flexibility is a keyword in the modern working world. Whether we are talking about small and agile start-ups that can finish whole projects in just a few days or the flexibility of working hours and location bondage – employees today want to be part of a flexible working environment. 

This gives employers options to attract talent through attractive working conditions or increase their employees’ satisfaction through improved contracts and more independence. 

All in all, working from home is a great option for many employees. Which other benefits of working from home can you think of? Anyway, not every job can be done simply with a laptop and remote work does not only have advantages but disadvantages as well. 

Do you work from home or in an office? Tell us below!

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