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What to Avoid When Taking Paid Surveys

What to Avoid When Taking Paid Surveys

We know you have probably grown to be a real survey pro, but there are still some things you should avoid when taking paid surveys in order to have the best experience! Never get banned from an app again if you follow these 10 simple guidelines. Always be honest, complete your profile and stay away from VPNs!

Missing out on surveys due to an incomplete profile

Completing your profile information is key to receiving the most possible surveys – and the most interesting ones as well! You should give as many details about yourself as possible, so we can provide you with the best surveys! 

Avoid an incomplete profile by filling out all qualification questions and we will show you surveys that fit well to your interests and you have a higher chance of completing. The better your profile information, the higher is your successrate! 

And do not worry about data security. We take your personal information very seriously and look after sensitive data very well. Everything is safe with us and protected carefully. 

Giving inaccurate profile information or being dishonest

Probably the only thing that is worse than not completing your profile is giving inaccurate information. If you answer incongruently, it leads to contradictions in our system and you will receive screenouts. Please, do not try to make up a profile that does not fit to you. An accurate and complete profile is the essential foundation to have the best paid survey experience and avoid receiving less relevant surveys. 

Furthermore, we want you to remember to always be honest when taking surveys. You shouldn’t try to exaggerate or make false statements in order to avoid screenouts. This will only lead to contradictions later on and cause bans. By being honest you can avoid these problems and receive great surveys instead!

Ignoring quality control or attention testing questions

Sometimes our system or a survey provider shows you a question that seems “too simple”, such as “choose answer B” or “click on the banana”. These questions are testing your attention and we use them as quality control. If you answer these wrong, it probably means you are not paying attention to your surveys so always keep your eyes open and focus!

Failing these questions will lead to a screenout and bad quality rating for your profile, so avoid lazyness at all times. For more questions on qualification and attention testing questions, have a look at our ultimative guide to Poll Pay!

Reacting too slowly to a new survey

Most of our surveys are only available for a short period of time. Especially popular surveys get filled fast and disappear quickly. Thus, you want to avoid thinking about it for too long. If you see a good survey, take it as soon as possible! 

We also recommend activating your push notifications so you can always be one of the first to take a new survey. 

Racing through a survey

Another part of our quality control ensures that our users do not rush through their surveys. Concretely, most surveys have an internal timer that disqualifies you if you are too fast. This way, we want to avoid people randomly rushing through without giving relevant answers. Please take your time and read questions carefully so you can give your best answer on a survey. 

Being inactive while taking a suvrey

While you should not rush, you also should not leave a survey open while you are off doing something else for too long. Most surveys are designed to be finished in one sitting, so stay focused and try to finish the survey before putting your phone away for an hour. Otherwise, the survey might be gone when you come back… 

Giving inaccurate payment information

With paid surveys apps, definitely avoid giving inaccurate payment information as well! As we have established before, honesty and accuracy are key to succeeding in taking paid surveys. Especially for PayPal and bank transfer payouts, it is absolutely crucial that you give correct information. Otherwise, we cannot realize the payout or your money might even go to someone else! 

Please remind to double-check important and private information like this before requesting a payout so we can be sure that your money will come through on both sides. We want to avoid careless mistakes and incorrect spellings at all costs! 

Stopping after your first payout

Once you have found a fun new hobby that makes you money and keeps you entertained, why would you stop doing it? That´s right, you wouldn´t! As your knowledge and experience in taking surveys increase, your successrate becomes higher as well! We want to remind and encourage you to stay consistent and keep going. Bigger rewards and even better surveys are coming!

If you feel like you are already an expert, have a look at our tips for advanced survey takers! 

Using a paid survey site on multiple devices at once

We highly recommend to avoid using a single paid survey app or site with the same login on multiple devices at the same time. You simply cannot take multiple surveys with one profile at once, not even with two devices. Thus, you will not be rewarded and might get a timeout or ban. 

However, using your account on multiple devices is generally recommended. For example by using a mobile and a web device, you can expand the amout of surveys you are receiving. Just don´t do it at the same time please. 

Using a VPN

Using a VPN while being logged into a paid surveys app will lead straight to a disqualification, maybe even a ban. When taking paid surveys, you must avoid using a VPN.
  1. Our survey providers have different availabilities in different countries that cannot simply be interchanged.
  2. We depend on your honesty and accuracy, so trying to “sneak” into another country will not be accepted by us or any survey provider.
So turn off your VPN before starting your paid surveys app and you will be absolutely fine with your local survey offers! Poll Pay is available worldwide for you! 

How did you like this article? Are there any mistakes you have been doing in the past and could learn about here? Do you think any important information is missing? Tell us in the comments below! In the meantime, have a look at our step by step guide to paid survey sites! 


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