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Saying Goodbye To Twitter Login

Saying Goodbye To Twitter Login

As you may know, logging into Poll Pay is as easy as can be. We want users to sign in with no problems, not even the worry of setting up a password. But every once in a while plans change and this is one of those moments.

Unfortunately, Poll Pay will no longer support Twitter logins starting 3rd October 2022.

For those users who are logged into Poll Pay via their Twitter account, you can follow these steps to make sure you don’t lose any balance:

1. Please transfer or use up your balance via PayPal & Gift Cards
2. After 3rd October, you will not be able to access your balance or account
3. Once you have used up your balance, please log into Poll Pay using one of the other log in options we offer.
4. You will not be able to access your Poll Pay account after 3rd October 2022 if you are using Twitter as your login.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and hope that you will rejoin Poll Pay with a brand-new account that offers amazing deals on making money with games and surveys! ????

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