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Referral Bonus

Referral Bonus

Ever thought about inviting your friends to Poll Pay? Now is the perfect time to earn money together.

Starting today until the end of June, both you and your friends can double your friend rewards!

Thats right, double friends rewards for a whole week! Let’s recap what that means for you:

  • Invite friends: Navigate to the Invite tab at the bottom right of the app / left in the browser. Invite your friends and acquaintances by sharing your invite code with them!
  • Invitation Reward: You thought making 15% of what people you invited earn was a good deal? Double that and make 30% of their rewards!
  • Starter Boost: Anyone you invite also doubles their starting bonus from 0,25$ to a whopping 0,50$. Make sure to help your friends secure this first step towards their payout!

Don’t let this opportunity pass. Make these three weeks count and invite your friends now!

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