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Poll Pay Friends Referral Benefits

Poll Pay Friends Referral Benefits

You can make money on Poll Pay by doing so much more than just surveys and games!

Know any friends who would love to join Poll Pay to make easy and quick money? Why not invite them using your invite code!

Inviting your friends to Poll Pay comes with many benefits:

  1. You get a 15% bonus each time your friend completes a survey!

    This bonus is 15% of what your friend earns from the survey and is in addition to your friend’s reward. So you get 15% bonus, and they also get the full reward for completing surveys ????
  2. Your friend gets a $0.25 sign up bonus!

    Just for signing up using your invite code, your friend is already making money when they join Poll Pay ????

You will find your invite code in the “refer” section of your Poll Pay app or web. Simply share your code with friends and watch the magic happen

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