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Become a Beta-Tester

Poll Pay is looking for Android beta testers to test new features

Sei der Erste, der die neueste Poll Pay Version in die Hände bekommt, gib uns Feedback zu neuen Funktionen und hilf uns, Bugs zu beseitigen. Du bekommst vorrangigen Support bei allen Problemen und profitierst von unserem verbesserten System, bevor es für alle zugänglich ist!

How to become a beta tester

Joining the program and helping us improve Poll Pay is as easy as following these few steps!

Step 1: Join the tester’s program

Step 2: Congrats, you’re in the program. Follow the link to get to the Play Store!

Step 3: Install the app

Double-check that you’re enrolled in the beta program!

Step 4: Submit your feedback

Write us about any issues you encounter and provide us with your feedback. We appreciate your thoughts and want to know what you like or dislike about the new version.

Use the following button to provide us with beta-specific feedback:

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